Her Majesty's Time Off


The Private Life of the Queen of Denmark. In 2020 Queen Margrethe will celebrate her 80th birthday – an excellent opportunity to look back at the more unofficial side to Her Majesty, and explore her enormous knowledge on art, culture and history.


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Her Majesty’s Time Off

Her Majesty’s Time Off

Queen Margrethe II is deeply respected by the public for her lifelong dedication. But who is the Queen when she is on a break? How does the Queen like to spend her rare days off?

Creative work, art, and history is important in the Queens leisure time. Her Majesty is both an active artist as well as an astute observer and critic. This is a very special place that is sealed off from everyday life, where new impressions and feelings are worked through and turned into art in a continuous process. Here, between paint brushes, paper clips, and books on art, the Queen feels at home. This is where she lets her guard down and passionately expounds on her fascination with art and the stories it conveys. It is a fascination that has served as a pillar of her identity ever since her childhood years where, with great curiosity, she examined her family’s priceless collection of art.

Directors Henrik Lundø & Mads Jørgensen
Producer Mads Jørgensen
Prodcution company JJ Films
Duration 1 Hour
Release 2020