The unusual sibling couple of Sebastian and Sofie have a mysterious, dark and fatal secret


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The unusual sibling couple of Sebastian and Sofie have a mysterious, dark and fatal secret: In order to stay alive they are forced to suck life force from people around them, just as a vampire sucks blood

Sometimes they cannot control this instinct desire to suck and the victim may go up in flames! Where Sofie is the outgoing and somewhat cynical of the two who does whatever’s necessary to keep herself and her brother alive, Sebastian is burdened with guilt over the consequences and costs of the curse afflicting them.

In their search of answers to their mysterious curse, they are led to the dark, traditional boarding school, Ottmannsgård, where they suddenly find themselves juggling everyday teen life with their instinctive urges.

Heartless is a fantasy series the content of which is variations on the themes of ‘original sin’ and ‘young love’.

Berlingske Tidende‘Heartless works because it is beautifully put together and because it arouses our curiosity.Cunningly we never know more than Sebastian and Sofie; we want to solve their mystery as desperately as they do. Meanwhile the series explores the classic teenage issuesof first love, sex, family ties, and those utterly existential questions: who am I? Where do I come from? What will become of me? All these things are enriched by the mysterious, supernatural setting in which anything is possible…’

Director Natasha Arthy
Author Nikolaj Scherfig & Morten Dragsted
Producer Ronnie Fridthjof
Produced by Fridthjof Film A/S in co-productionwithSBS Discovery, in association with Torden Film, NRK, Cmore, VRT and with support from The Danish Film Institute/Public Service Fund Copenhagen Film Fund
Duration 8 x 42 min.
Year of Production 2014
Original Title Heartless