Happy Life

HAPPY LIFE is a multi-plot dramedy about ambitions and suppressed forces, about the misty border between dreams and reality, about the dream of happiness and the organized life, where you can plan for everything, except chance.


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Happy Life

Happy Life

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The series evolves around the two 25 year-old twins, Lykke and Thomas Leth. They share a tragic past, having lost their parents at an early age, under circumstances they prefer not to talk about. The twins have reacted to their loss in very different ways.

While Thomas has been undergoing therapy for depression for several years, Lykke has gained a degree at Copenhagen Business School with top marks and immediately afterwards found a job with the pharmaceutical giant SanaFortis. Here she is looking forward to a meteoric career.

SanaFortis specializes in the production of psychopharmacological drugs. The antidepressant medication Forticil, has ensured blockbuster sales but the patent is on the point of expiring and a replacement is urgently needed. This is on its way under hectic circumstances in the form of the anti-stress pill, Fortisol. But the all-important factor is still not in place: official approval of the drug.

SanaFortis struggles with an annoying opponent in this connection, the psychiatrist Anders Assing, who airs his anti-pharmaceutical views at every opportunity. Lykke soon finds further reason to detest Assing as he becomes her brother’s new therapist and immediately discontinues Thomas’ anti-depressant medication. But she hates the provocative psychiatrist most of all because he appears more and more frequently in her uncontrollably erotic dreams.

Lykke’s struggle for her career and her battle with Assing provide the main story in the series. This is supplemented by Thomas’ efforts to free himself from his role as a loser and SanaFortis’ fight for survival. Over and above this we meet a wide range of characters that each undergo surprising changes when their view of happiness is challenged by chance. In each of these characters stories an animal appears in a peculiar manner.

These animals also give title to each episode of the series: The fish, the dog, the mouse, the monkey, the fly, the goat, the spider, the fox, the cat and the horse – to name the first ten.

Directors Kasper Gaards√łe & Jesper W. Nielsen
Producer Katrine Vogelsang & Christian Rank
Produced by DR Drama
Duration 18 x 58 min.
Year of Production 2011-2012
Original Title Lykke