GUILT is a study of the endless problems of a modern relationship. We are introduced to the young, yet settled couple, who are together for reasons they seem to not quite remember anymore.


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When a global pandemic enters the lives of the young, unnamed couple in GUILT, all hell breaks loose between them. Or perhaps the pandemic is just the cherry on top: like a car crash you cannot look away from, we are introduced to the bickering couple through all-too-familiar relationship scenarios – some more relatable than we care to admit.

A breakdown in communication and their unwillingness to understand each other result in one heated discussion after another. Bored with each other and life in general, they need to kill time with something. And what better way than to slowly, but surely, kill each other with daily arguments. As long as they at least feel something in the process.

In a global pandemic where the world seems to be coming to an end, people are left with undeniable feelings of powerlessness and anxiety. Especially in such trying times, we tend to take our frustrations out on our loved ones more often than not; when the outside world becomes too much to deal with, our partners become the perfect target.

Writers Emma Sehested Høeg, Magnus Haugaard
Producer Nadja Nørgaard Kristensen
Cast Emma Sehested Høeg, Magnus Haugaard
Format 9 x 5 min.