The Great European Cigarette Mystery


A documentary film about the dark side of the EU.


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The Great European Cigarette Mystery

The Great European Cigarette Mystery

Two journalists set out to investigate why The Maltese EU Commissioner of Health, John Dalli, recently had to leave The Commission in disgrace, in a storm of accusations about being in the pockets of Big Tobacco.

Faced with closed doors in The Commission and disturbing news about how NGO’s in Brussel, who are fighting a tsunami of lobbyism from tobacco corporations, had their offices burglarized by unknown, almost ninja-like perpetrators ? the two reporters decide instead to investigate an old and long forgotten possible fraud case about a EU Commission civil servant, who died under mysterious circumstances while facing accusations of being in the pocket of Big Tobacco. His name was Antonio Quatraro, and the simple question, “why did Quatraro die”, forms the narrative drive of an intriguing and darkly funny journalistic muckraking of a long forgotten, unsolved fraud case.

Director Mads Brügger & Jeppe Rønde
Producer Sara Stockmann in collaboration with Bjarte Mørner Tveit
Produced by Sonntag Pictures Aps and Piraya Film for BBC, DR & VPRO in association with SVT, NRK, CH8, RTVS & Against Gravity
Duration 1 hour
Release 2017
Original Title The John Dalli Mystery