Great Architecture On A Small Planet


Climate change. pollution, megacities and CO2 emission: Danish architects are on the forefront of developing sustainable architecture for future generations. We travel around the world exploring projects and buildings that address global challenges while improving our everyday life.


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Great Architecture On A Small Planet

Great Architecture On A Small Planet

Bjarke Ingels from BIG has a masterplan on how to protect Manhattan when the sea rises. In Paris, Danish SLA architects will place a green building on top of the most polluted highway in the city where the plants will clean the air, reduce noise and cool down the apartments. The city of Buenos Aires, together with Gehl Architects, has transformed a former slum area and integrated the residents physically and socially with the rest of the city.

Can we build without CO2 emission in the future? These innovative architects are proving you can. In Copenhagen recycled materials are used by architect Anders Lendager in a large-scale housing project reducing the CO2 footprint by 80%. And in Sweden CF Møller builds ten story apartment houses using massive pieces of wood instead of concrete, reducing CO2 emissions to zero. These are all inspiring examples of how we can live and build more sustainably in the future.

Director/Producers Lars Torp & Thomas Houkjær
Produced by Thin Green Line Productions for DR
Release Year 2019