The Golden Beach


In search of that undetected paradise…

The Golden Beach

The Golden Beach

In a valley by a beautiful beach in southern India there is a small village. When the filmmaker first came here 20 years ago, they had little contact with the outside world. There was no road to the valley and no electricity. The farmers lived in simple clay huts with straw roofs.

Today life in the valley has changed dramatically. There are internet cafés and hotels and tourists sunbathe topless and smoke hashish in the shade of the palm trees. Hardly anyone is farming any more. Earlier the local families often held parties together and played drums, but nowadays nobody turns up for the parties and the drums are no longer played.

The tourist business has brought wealth to the families – but also problems. Competition for the tourists’ money has divided the families, and disputes and insecurity have spread amongst them.

15 years in the making, this unique film documents how globalisation and tourism affects one small local community.

Director Hasse Wester
Producer Mia Engberg
Produced by Lila Film & Mantaray Film & TV-production
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2008
Original Title Den Gyllene Stranden