The Girl With The Yellow Helmet

Children & Youth

The Girl with the Yellow Helmet is about a seven-year old girl who finds her inner courage, and who learns to stand firm no matter what she is confronted with. It is a story about having a father who is depressed, and a mother who is never at home


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The Girl with the Yellow Helmet

The Girl with the Yellow Helmet

Seven-year-old Freja just moved into her grandfather’s old and run down shack with her family, and she really can’t see why she should be happy at all. But then she meets a boy, Asger, and together they embark on an adventurous quest. The series deals with loneliness, bullying, alcohol, age and more. Serious subjects that are treated with humour and wit and most importantly from a children’s perspective.

Director Natasha Arthy
Producer Dorthe Riis
Creators Simon Oded Weil, Emil Nygaard Albertsen & Natasha Arthy
Produced by DR Fiction
Duration 8 x 19 min.
Original Title Freja og Kanonkongen