The Girl Who Wouldn't Die


A nineteen year old girl crashes in her parent’s car and miraculously wakes up in hospital only to learn how close the doctors came to donating her organs


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The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die

Carina Melchior is a young girl not unlike others of her own age. She still lives at home. One day she borrows the car but she never makes it to her destination. The family learns that Carina has crashed the car into a field and has been severely injured.

Carina’s injuries include brain haemorrhages that lead doctors to conclude that she will soon be brain-dead. The family is devastated by the grim prospect and while the family tries to cope with this news, the doctors face the tough task of asking Carina’s mum and dad to consent to her becoming an organ donor.

They agree to do so, and now all they can do is wait for her brain to give up. But it doesn’t give up, and despite the odds, Carina slowly comes back to life.

Director Jacob Kragelund
Producer Steen Jensen
Produced by DR
Duration 84 min.
Original Title Pigen der ikke ville dø
Year of Production 2012
Original Title The Girl Who Wouldn't Die