The Girl Who Saved My Life


There is war in my home country again


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The Girl Who Saved My Life

The Girl Who Saved My Life

In August 2014, documentary filmmaker Hogir Hirori leaves his pregnant wife in Sweden to go back to his homeland, Iraqi Kurdistan, to document the stories of the refugees of war. More than 1.4 million people are fleeing from the terror of the Islamic State. He is offered to come along on a helicopter transport to the Shingal Mountains where hundreds of thousands of people are stuck without access to food or water surrounded by the IS.

But on his way to the helicopter, he finds an 11-year-old girl in pain, lying alone on the ground in scorching heat. He decides to stay and help her instead of going on the helicopter. Later, he learns that the helicopter crashed, and that in this way the little girl saved his life. Hogir sets out on a quest to find the girl again, and on his way he meets many other victims of war: women sold as slaves to the IS, families torn apart, children kidnapped, men beheaded and lives destroyed.

Director & Producer Hogir Hirori
Produced by Lolav Media for SVT
Duration 79 min. & 1 hour
Year of Production 2016
Original Title Flickan som r├Ąddade mitt liv