Generation XL

Obesity is a rising global issue – In Denmark, one in five children are too fat, but how do we help them?


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Generation XL

Generation XL

This programme follows five overweight children’s battles against their weight. The children will receive treatment for one year with a pediatrician, who is known for the results he has achieved with overweight children, and together they will attempt to overcome their obesity. The pediatrician is straight forward and uncompromising in setting up rules for the children. They will experience an entirely new everyday life and they respond to the changes in very different ways.

The Parents

The doctor will educate the parents as well as the children. They are responsible for the problem and therefore also a part of the solution. The parents will need to be deeply engaged, and they will have tasks from the doctor to conquer just like the children will. It is mainly about supporting the children and helping them do their activities but also about living a healthier life for themselves. They must change their habits with their children.

The Rules

A maximum of 0,5 liter of sugary drinks a week

Fast food once a month or less

75 g candy per week or less

No more than 2 hours of screen time per day (iPad, television, etc.)

Created & Produced by DR
Broadcast by DR 1
Duration 7 x 42 min
Original Title Generation XL