Fryday Quiz

A comedy show built on news, political figures and media


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Fryday Quiz

Fryday Quiz

The Quiz Show with Signe Molde is a highly unique satirical talk show. It is a weekly comedy programme – a clip show – disguised as a quiz show. The Show uses comedic tools to comment on current affairs in Denmark. The tone is both sweet, dead-pan, harsh and no one gets off the hook. The guests in the hot seat are high profile political figures (e.g. the prime minister / the foreign minister of Denmark). They get confronted with details from the current political stories – often something they have said or done themselves.

The genre is the secret

Through satire, the programme deals with social issues in humorous ways that reaches the audience by providing the facts in serious and journalistic genres. It is constructed as both a quiz and a talk show, and the point of the show is to elegantly mess with the guests, in a way that even they think is funny. The subjects vary from more serious political issues, such as the US election, to less serious matters such as making fun of the grammar in a tweet.


  • Tweets
  • Videoclips
  • Facebook comments
  • Newspaper-headlines
  • Rounds with specific names, e.g. “the yes, Bertel Haarder [guest], we are sucking up to you by featuring something from the high school song book-round”
Created & Produced by DR
Broadcast by DR 2
Duration 62 x 32 min
Original Title Quizzen med Signe Molde