From Brothel to Bridehood


Deepa was tricked into a brothel at the age of 10 by her sister in-law, believing she was going to be employed as a maid.

From Brothel to Bridehood

From Brothel to Bridehood

Deepa was tricked into a brothel at the age of 10 by her sister in-law, believing she was going to be employed as a maid. Vibuthi was sold into prostitution by her own mother.

Now Deepa and Vibuthi live in a protective home in the outskirts of Mumbai together with 85 other minors, who were also forced to work in the brothels in the city.

Instead of playing with other children they served the needs of frustrated, drunken or lonely men in the dilapidated brothels of Mumbai. But still their innocence is strangely unharmed, and they all share one ambition: To love someone, who loves them back.

Triveni, a former journalist, founded the home, and now runs it together with her investigative officer Ashok, who is in charge of rescuing minors from the brothels.
Once a week Ashok visits the brothel area disguised as a client. Ashok is faced with many occupational hazards. One of them being that almost every girl he saves, falls in love with him! He coolly rejects them on grounds of professional ethics. But Ashok is a handsome fellow and among the girls he is the man of their dreams.

As most of the girls were sold into prostitution by their relatives, they don’t have the option of returning home. They enjoy the security of Triveni’s shelter, and would gladly stay for the rest of their lives.

However, the shelter is filled to the brim, and Triveni is faced with the challenge of getting some of the girls back into society, one way or the other. Now she is arranging marriages for four of them.
As the date of the wedding approaches, everyone is excited. Expect the four brides, to whom married life is the ‘great unknown’. They barely know their future husbands, and even if they are craving for love, they are terrified at the thought of entering a strange family.

Meanwhile the rest of the girls prepare their dresses and practice dances for the wedding. One day Ashok is accidentally drawn into a dance with Vibuthi, and for once he looses his cool, as he holds her tight. Maybe a romance is in the making after all….

Finally the four girls are sent off to their new lives after an elaborate wedding. And as always in India tears and joy are close companions.

Director & Producer Jens Pedersen
Produced by Pedersen & Co.
Duration 28 min.
Year of Production 2009
Original Title Fra Bordel til Bryllup