Free the Mind


Professor Davidson is a brain scientist with a mission: he believes the world can become a better place and that change comes through the brain


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Free the mind

Free the mind

It is thought that our personalities are mainly determined by our genes together with our upbringing. But Davidson’s research shows something different – that the brain is actually plastic and shapes personalities throughout life. And there are effective ways of taking control.

In order to create a more harmonious society, one must begin with those who disturb. Can you, by teaching American war veterans Mindfulness meditation, change the distraught and destructive brains of soldiers, thereby giving them a better chance of survival in civil society?

Professor Davidson has instigated a test with a group of veterans who must meditate for eight weeks. The camera will follow the experiment closely both during and after the experiment, posing the ultimate question: is it possible, through meditation, to free the struggling minds of war veterans and finally give them some peace of mind?

Director Phie Ambo
Producer Sigrid Dyekjær
Produced by Danish Documentary for DR in association with, VPRO & BOS, SVT, ERR Against Gravity
Duration 60 min. & 72 min.
Year of Production 2012
Original Title Free the Mind