Forbidden Future


50 min.

Young Iranians performing illegal arts, skiing and death metal.



A 50-minute shocking and revealing documentary on the subcultures in the Islamic Republic of Iran; Young Iranian artists expressing themselves through music, paintings and sport – thereby risking anything from public floggings to death. If discovered, the lucky ones affluent enough have the one option of buying their way back to freedom. Featuring the death metal band Scourge, Bahare the first female snowboard champion of the Islamic republic of Iran, the freestyle skier Sanam and the artist Shahram who is given the death sentence in the course of the film. We show a different picture from the one of uniform drabness created by western media.

  • Director

    Gard A. Andreasen

  • Producer

    Styrk Jansen

  • Produced by

    Basic TV AS

  • Original title

    Forbidden Future

  • Format

    50 min.

  • Release