For Cod's Sake


The cod in the Baltic Sea is said to be back. Is it – really?


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For Cod’s Sake

For Cod’s Sake

Fishermen, scientists and politicians have – all in good faith – done their best to wipe out the Baltic Sea cod. Fortunately, recent environmental conditions have – by chance – led to an increase in the population.

But while the European Union proclaims it wants to save the cod, ironically EU regulations force fishermen to discard thousands of dead fish. Every day. And scientists disagree heavily on the actual extent of the recovery.

Over two dramatic and decisive years, the acclaimed production team got up-close-and-personal with fishermen, scientists, politicians ? and the cod itself. For without the cod, the sea will be out of balance, the water filthy and fishermen will survive only as tourist attractions.

This award-winning investigative documentary depicts the seemingly unsolvable conflict between mankind’s legitimate need to harvest the fruits of nature while at the same time preserving these fruits for generations to come.

Director & Producer Folke Rydén
Co-Director Ryszard Solarz
Co-Produced by SVT & ZDF/arte, In association with DR, YLE, ERR, LTV & TG4
Produced by Folke Rydén Production AB
Duration 52 & 58 min.
Year of Production 2009
Original Title For Cod's Sake