Football is God


The fans of the Argentinean football club Boca Juniors have founded the first Maradonian Church – also known as the Hand of God Church – to worship their football idol Diego Maradona. The church’s congregation of 400 Diegorian Brothers considers Maradona´s autobiography “I Am Diego” as their bible.


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Football is God

Football is God

A film about faith and football

The Diegorian Brothers celebrates Christmas on the football star’s birthday with a Christmas tree decorated with images from his playing days. According to the church, we are now in the year 48 AD – After Diego

When Boca Juniors score a goal, thousands of fans unleash clouds of blue and yellow confetti. Some light fireworks while others toss plastic bags onto the pitch. The bags are full of ashes – earthly remains of dead Boca Juniors fans. To be laid to rest At La Bombonera are their dying wish.

Over the years, so much ash has been thrown onto La Bombonera that it has begun to destroy the pitch. The ash contains chalk and when it rains it hardens and becomes like cement. Boca’s’ management therefore decided to build a cemetery, a Boca Junior cemetery exclusively for the fans.

“I’ve played for Barcelona and Brazil all over the world at all the major stadiums but I have never experienced anything to compare with playing at La Bombonera against Boca Juniors. It’s the closest you come to Hell” (Romario, professional footballer)

The film has three main characters: Hernan 42 years, the intellectual who doesn’t believe in Maradona as God despite that Boca Juniors means more to him than earthly values.
In contrast there is Pablo, 26 years, who believes Maradona is God and places football higher than the love for his family.

Finally meet La Tia, a 75 year old woman, known by all as an extremely funny eccentric but behind the mask lures the tragedy and the solitude of an old woman.

Director Ole Bendtzen
Producer Signe Byrge Sørensen & Anne Köhncke
Produced by Final Cut Film Production for DR
Co-Produced by Making Movies Oy / Kaarle Aho. DR, VPRO, SVT, YLE, Czech TV, SBS & IBA
Duration 52 min.
Year of Production 2010
Original Title The Believers