Follow the Money III


Also available as scripted

The first series to ever be selected twice for Berlinale Series Section in 2015 and 2018. Follow the Money has been aired in Denmark with top reviews and ratings.


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Follow the Money III

Follow the Money III

Follow the Money takes us into the world of economic crime in the banks, on the stock exchanges, in the boardrooms and amongst the street gangs.

About human beings: the rich, the poor, the greedy, the fraudulent, and the thieves who will go to great lengths to build the lives of their dreams. Can anyone become a criminal?

Each season covers different topics and follows different main characters. The focus shifts from white-collar crime in the world of high financing (Season 1 + 2) to the grittier and rougher world of street crime and drug dealing (Season 3).

Season 1 had an impressive average share of 52% and Season 2 with an average share of 47%. Both seasons aired in 2016. Two years later, Season 3 was selected for Berlinale as it can stand alone as a spin off and average share of 35%, the highest since 2017.

Directors Søren Balle (The Killing), Søren Kragh-Jacobsen (Borgen), Per Fly (The Bench)
Head Writer Jeppe Gjervig Gram (Borgen)
Producers Anders Toft Andersen, Caroline Schlüter & Jacob Jarek
Produced by DR Drama
Cast Thomas Bo Larsen (The Hunt), Natalie Madueño (The Rain), Esben Smed, Nikolaj Lie Kaas (The Killing + Department Q), Thomas Hwan, Maria Rich (Rita)
Original Title Bedrag III
Format 10 x 58 min.
Release 2019