Follow the Money III


The first series to ever be selected twice for Berlinale Series Section in 2015 and 2018. Follow the Money has been aired in Denmark with top reviews and ratings.


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Follow the Money III

Follow the Money III

In “Follow the Money III”, we follow Nicky, Anna and Alf. After spending two years in Spain, Nicky has returned to Copenhagen where he leads an isolated existence, smuggling hash for one of the biggest kingpins, Marco. Life takes a dramatic turn when Nicky learns that his son has been placed in foster care. For Nicky, the most important thing now is to get his son back and provide him with a safe, happy home. This means waving goodbye to his life of crime; something that is easier said than done.

Into her 17th year as a financial adviser at a bank, Anna ekes out a quiet suburban existence with her husband and child. However, when she is yet again passed over for promotion, her patience is suddenly at an end. Instead, she begins laundering money for criminal clients, among them Nicky, who becomes her biggest customer. As a result of her side job, Anna finds renewed energy and self-confidence, but the police are hot on her trail and Anna therefore has to lead a double life, balancing on the edge of the law.

Alf, who is suffering from PTSD following the shooting incident in Season 2, is transferred to the Nørrebro Task Force. Lack of sleep results in erratic behaviour towards his colleagues, including lawyer Isa with whom he is having an affair. Alf is on a mission to crush the illegal hash market by following the money trail and bring everyone involved to justice. His exaggerated sense of dedication repeatedly leads him astray and as we will discover, Alf is battling forces he may not be able to control.

“Follow the Money III” was selected for the Berlinale in 2018 and won a Robert Award for “Best TV series” at the Danish Film Awards in 2020. 

Directors Søren Balle, Frederik Louis Hviid, Gustav Möller
Head Writer Jeppe Gjervig Gram (Borgen)
Producers Anders Toft Andersen, Caroline Schlüter & Jacob Jarek
Produced by DR Drama
Cast Thomas Bo Larsen (The Hunt), Natalie Madueño (The Rain), Esben Smed, Nikolaj Lie Kaas (The Killing + Department Q), Thomas Hwan, Maria Rich (Rita)
Original Title Bedrag III
Format 10 x 58 min.
Release 2019