Follow the Money II

10 episodes
58 min.

Once again we follow Mads, a police detective, who in the midst of all the fraud squad’s routine cases has a hard time forgetting the fraud committed by Energreen because Mads never got a chance to arrest the charismatic CEO, Sander, or the powerful chairman of the board, Christensen


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Follow the Money II

Follow the Money II

However, a seemingly insignificant case about a small carpentry business that went bankrupt under mysterious circumstances catches Mads’s attention – and soon he gets wind of a huge case involving a major bank.

Claudia, a young lawyer, has paid dearly for her involvement in Energreen. After serving 18 months in prison she is finally released – but to what? Her son lives with his father in Paris and Danish businesses are not about to hire a lawyer convicted of fraud. Claudia is forced to take a job at a café where Christensen finds her and has an interesting offer that gives her an opportunity to atone for all the wrong choices she made.

When we met the 22-year-old convict turned mechanic Nicky in the first season, he had put his life of crime behind him. However, his colleague, Bimse, persuaded him to steal a car and this put them at odds with a very dangerous man – Energreen’s ice-cold Swedish fixer. The ageing Swede has a sharp eye for the special talents needed in his profession and Nicky exudes the coolness, ambition and greed that the job requires. Before long Nicky is the Swede’s fixer apprentice, but he soon realizes that his new exciting job comes at a high price.

Creator & Writer Jeppe Gjervig Gram
Episode Directors Kaspar Munk & Mads Kamp Thulstrup Søren Balle
Episode Writers Anders August, Christian G. Miller-Harris, Jannik Tai Mosholt, Maja Jul Larsen
Producer Anders Toft Andersen
Produced by DR Drama in association with SVT, NRK, Svenska YLE & RUV
Duration 10 x 58 min.
Year of Production 2015 - 2016
Ready for Broadcast September 2016
Original Title Bedrag