Fellow Imagineers

60 min.
Also available as 1 x 180 min & 20 x 5 min. - As well as large web content

Are you a devoted rock fan? What if you and your fellow fans could create a documentary film and talk about your devotion to your favorite band?


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Fellow Imagineers

Fellow Imagineers

In our second international production we work with Finnish heavy metal band Nightwish, who have millions of followers all across the globe! Their videos have been watched over 600 million times, and the band has more than 4 million extremely loyal followers.
How is Jose from a rural Mexican village with his 85 different t-shirts doing? What about Olga from Crimea who has studied Finnish in order to speak with the band’s bass player if she ever meets him?

This project has 50 fan-creators from 48 countries all over the world, from Kazakhstan to Bangladesh and from Iran to Costa Rica. We have created a unique co-creation workflow from contacting and directing to editing, and the creation of a complete cross-media production that combines the band, fans and the broadcaster to one production team.

Production outcomes will include not only a one-hour documentary for a large television audience but a 3-hour online marathon that will be watched in real time all over the world by all fan clubs and networks.
There will also be a special concert event with real and virtual confession booths about how they became Nightwish fans. Stories range from hospital room music to birthday parties and marriage proposals.

The format is all about human compassion and devotion – and how people around the globe can end up worshipping the same ideals and dreams.

Genre Reality
Creator Yle
Producer Sami Hahtala
Broadcaster Yle
Duration 1 x 60 min., 1 x 180 min., 20 x 5 min. & large web content
Original Title To Nightwish with Love - Fellow Imagineers