Faith - Hope - Afghanistan

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Tough times : tough kids


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Faith – Hope – Afghanistan

Faith – Hope – Afghanistan

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Five stories of real life drama with unique access to children in conflict ridden Afghanistan – told from their point of view:

01 Orphaned Asadagha is thrown out of his uncle’s house and journeys into the unknown with his two sisters. A friendly man takes them in, but Asadagha battles the memories from the night his family fell apart.

02 At 11 Faridullah is an expert brick maker. After five years it is about time his father fulfilled his promise of letting him go to school. But his father made a contract with the brick boss that Faridullah will work there until a debt is cleared.

03 Layla was put into an orphanage when the Taliban killed her father. She has not seen her mother for five years. Now Layla’s mother is coming to visit! But Layla is 11, the usual age for girls to marry in her village. Is that what brings her mother to Kabul?

04 While Basira is a successful chewing gum vendor, Wali is a disaster as a street worker. Wali has to provide for his mother, but hardly makes a penny. Luckily they live rent free but one day eviction threatens.

05 Machgan works to raise money for her father, who became a drug addict as a soldier. Her brother is bullied because his father is a dope head. One day Machgan and her mother threaten to throw father out unless he quits.

Director Jens Pedersen & Tai M. Bakhtari
Producer Jakob Gottschau
Produced by Pedersen & Co.
Duration 5 x 15 min.
Year of Production 2013
Original Title Faith Hope Afghanistan