Factory of Lies


An American soldier shooting holes in the Quran, brothels for animal sex in Denmark, Swedes convicted for eating bacon in front of a muslim Woman, ISIS soldiers in training camp in Ukraine – stories all of which are produced in Russia – and all of which are fake.


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Factory of Lies

Factory of Lies

Russia has launched a systematic disinformation campaign about the US and Europe. Fake news created by so called troll factories promote disintegration and division in these countries. Facebook recently identified and closed 470 extremely active Russian profiles, which were trying to disrupt the American electoral process.

Young activists and journalists on both sides of the new digital iron curtain are fighting to debunk the disinformation. 27 year-old Andrey Soshnikov, a journalist from Russia has for the last 4 years debunked fake news and he was the first to expose the infamous troll factory in St. Petersburg.

This film is an investigative documentary with a strong focus on the debunkers of fake stories. We will meet former employees of the Factory of Lies and in detail reveal why these stories are false. The film will also go into detail with activities of the Russian troll factory, which were heavily debated during the American Senate hearings in November 2017.

Director Jakob Gottschau
Producer Jakob Gottschau
Produced by Express TV-Production for DR in ass. with SVT & CH8
Duration 58 min
Release 2018