The Face of Happiness


His face was brutally mutilated in a car crash – now Hallgeir is grateful for the accident


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The Face of Happiness

The Face of Happiness

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In 2003, Hallgeir was nearly killed in a traffic accident. After weeks in a coma, and a large number of operations Hallgeir slowly returned to life. But what kind of life? Gone are the possibilities for long and complex studies, gone are the trouble-free days of an eighteen-year-old boy with his life ahead of him.

The price he paid for survival was his face. Hallgeir was grateful for his survival but struggled with the grief of losing a normal life and almost all his memories of life before the accident. The reactions he encountered made him uncomfortable: the glances and cruel remarks.

Hallgeir wanted to get away. He went to Mexico and found a community that was not concerned with his wreck of a face. In Mexico, Hallgeir turned things around: His devastating accident became a golden opportunity that brought new insight to life.

Back in Norway, Hallgeir is going through more surgery at hospital. He is having his nose rebuilt and one of his eyes is being adjusted. Surgeons have tried to do this before, but without success. Will the operations be successful this time? And at this point, is it at all of importance to Hallgeir to look normal?

Director Ida Kleppe
Producer Magne Sleire & Morten Offerdal
Produced by Corax Film & Pandora Film
Duration 42 min.
Year of Production 2012
Original Title Lykkens Ansikt