Fabulous Stories by Kids

Children and youth

20 x 3 min.

FABULOUS STORIES BY KIDS are told and created by kids and their remarkable imagination. - Entertainment for the 3-6-year-olds. - On average, FABULOUS STORIES BY KIDS had 90.000 streams per episode in a one-year period (2020-2021).



In FABULOUS STORIES BY KIDS, children are the screenwriters, directors, and visual producers of their very own TV-series. We meet a lot of different characters along the way like the dragon Laila, who wears lipstick and leather boots and is excellent at FIFA, or the creature “Lava Motor,” who lives inside the earth’s core to ensure that there is always lava in volcanoes and lava lamps. The stories are told and created by kids and their remarkable imagination and are based on DR Ramasjang’s universe and may inspire you to tell stories, make films, and animate yourself.

  • Director

    Tonny Christensen

  • Produced by

    DR Ramasjang

  • Original title

    Børns Fantastiske Fortællinger

  • Format

    20 x 3 min.

  • Release