Everest Without Oxygen - The Ultimate Egotrip

What makes a person risk their life, set aside family, friends, spouses, body and mind to do the impossible? To climb Mount Everest without the use of oxygen.  


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Everest Without Oxygen – The Ultimate Egotrip

Everest Without Oxygen – The Ultimate Egotrip

More than 5,000 climbers have reached the summit of Everest, but just over 200 have done so without bringing oxygen and many have died in the experiment. Rasmus dreams of becoming the first Dane to reach the highest limit of the world without an oxygen bottle on his back. However, a violent storm is about to put an end to it all and cost him his life during the first expedition on Everest’s northern ridge in Tibet. At home in Denmark, the family fears that he has lost his life. Still, Rasmus is determined to reach the top of the world’s highest mountain – but the pursuit of the dream is bone-chilling and ends up as an obsession. It takes 4 years of his life, many opt-outs and the relationship with his girlfriend is put to the test, while he sees friends risking their lives, and lose it, on the mythical mountain.

Director Jesper Ærø
Producer Jes Brandhøj
Produced by Drive Studios
Duration Feature & 52 min.