Environmental Explorer


Join award-winning photographer and environmental scientist Klaus Thymann and his team as they embark on a series of expeditions pushing the boundaries of exploration around the globe


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Environmental Explorer – IN PRODUCTION

Environmental Explorer – IN PRODUCTION

Each episode will focus on one location, icy hidden worlds, diving with nuclear wrecks in the Bikini Atolls, unchartered underwater caves, deep reef in Norway, understanding reef recovery in Indonesia, investigating how sea turtles respond to climate change, finding new species of fish in the Solomon Islands, invasive jelly fish in the Sea of Japan and more.

In Environmental Explorers we visit the current aquatic frontiers and come back with new discoveries whilst we learn about the environments. During the show we see the fears and excitement of the team as they journey into the unknown. The plot is overlaid with human stories, giving a social perspective to our ever-changing world.

These are real expeditions – going to areas rarely visited and some never ever before explored showing the impertinence surveying the environments that are changing faster than ever. This contemporary documentary series will bring back unfiltered stories highlighting the importance of continued exploration.

Director Klaus Thymann
Producer Peter Engel
Executive Producer Kim Christiansen
Duration 10 x 45 min. or 10 x 52 min
Release 2020