Enemies of Happiness

Multiple award winner, Enemies of Happiness follows a strong female Afghan delegate- determined to make a difference.


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Enemies of Happiness

Enemies of Happiness

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Malalai Joya is a 28-year-old woman from Afghanistan. The film follows her parliamentary campaign to her election as a delegate in Wolesi Jirga, or National Assembly. It is the first democratic parliament election in Afghanistan in over 30 years. Surrounded by security, Malalai Joya spreads her political beliefs despite several death threats. There have been four attempts against her life.

In 2003 Malalai Joya challenged former Mujahidin leaders (Warlords), who according to her, attempt to maintain power through the new system. “Many of you here in this hall have blood on your hands and you should be tried in the world court.” Her comments ignited outrage among the hard-liners who demanded that she be immediately removed from the sessions.

Director Eva Mulvad
Producers Helle Faber & Winnie Thygesen
Produced by Bastard Film
Duration 59 min.
Year of Production 2006
Original Title Vores Lykkes Fjender