Emma and Santa Claus

Children & Youth

The quest for the Elven Queen’s heart


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Emma and Santa Claus

Emma and Santa Claus

11-year-old Emma is a curious and imaginative girl who feels overlooked in her big group of siblings. Emma’s greatest wish is to meet the elves, whose realm she fully believes in and when Santa Claus himself and his wife Julie appears, she suddenly gets the opportunity to join them on a dangerous quest into the Elven Kingdom. Here, they are going to save Nicolas’ and Julie’s newborn daughter from the choleric Elven Queen, who goes by the name of Slatten Langpat and who holds the elves in an iron grip.

The Human King, who was the Elven Queens big love, betrayed her, and in despair she tore her own heart from her body. Since, she banned love and affection and a cold and bleak fog settled over the Elven Kingdom.

During Emma, Rod, Nicolas and Julie’s staggering journey in and out of the Elven Kingdom they meet severe resistance from the Elven Queen and her two unlucky henchmen, Towli and Pind. Even though the four succeed in escaping dangerous situations time and time again, the trap shuts when they are caught in the dark mines of the Elven Kingdom.

Spin-off to the two series  Ludvig & Santa Claus and The Twins & Santa Claus

Director Søren Frellesen
Producers Morten Rasmussen & David C.H. Østerbøg
Writers Jenny Lund Madsen, Uffe Rørbæk & Philip LaZebnik
Duration 88 min
Year of Production 2015
Original Title Emma og Julemanden