Egg Bingo

3 hours live-TV and family gaming.

Egg Bingo

Egg Bingo

A hen’s egg will hatch after 21 days and 6 hours. Therefore, if you place 90 eggs that are ready to hatch in an incubator, 50 of these eggs will hatch during three hours. This is the basic knowledge you need to understand for playing Egg Bingo. 100 eggs were given a number between 0-9.

At the time the egg hatched the hosts read the number out loud. This way the egg hatching was turned into a bingo game.Not only does the program provide the magical moments that occur when new life emerge in this world, it is also a perfect setting to explain facts about nature and science.

Different kinds of tickets allowed the viewers to play along either by download the bingo cards from the site or by using their cell telephones.

The different social media platforms allowed the viewers to ask questions directly to the different participate in the program and in that way have the possibility to influence the debates.All in all this is a show that provides a great amount of fun and knowledge.

The interaction between the viewers and the hosts makes the experience even more live-like for the audience, the different features ensures that the program never gets boring. On top of all this, the viewers have an opportunity to win prizes.

Genre Live Entertainment
Creator & Broadcaster DR3
Duration 3 hours live broadcast
Year of Production 2015
Original Title Ægge Banko