Children of Ebola


The 2014 Ebola outbreak is the deadliest in history leaving thousands of children orphaned across West Africa. Under terrifyingly chaotic circumstances children were left at hospitals without ID or any trace of their origin


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Children of Ebola

Children of Ebola

Ever since, orphanages in Sierra Leone have been faced with incredible challenges as social workers go searching for family members who may have survived the epidemic. The mission is to find a new home for the children.

When 10-year-old Kadiatu nursed her Ebola-infected mother she too became infected but recovered after weeks in hospital – only to discover that both of her parents had died. Now, she is hoping to reunite with her grandmother.

The Ebola epidemic is a major setback for Sierra Leone – a country that had recently recovered from a decade of civil war is now facing a grim outlook. Economic growth instantly wiped away by regression; a health care system in meltdown unable to withstand the immense pressure of the virus epidemic.

In this deeply touching documentary, we go back to Sierra Leone to follow the work at one of many orphanages trying to make a difference. Will the social workers manage to find a new home for Kadiatu?

Director & Producer Jakob Krogh
Produced by DR TV
Duration 42 min.
Year of Production 2015
Original Title Ebolas børn