Dollar Heroes


How North Korea sell their own people to fund its dangerous regime


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Dollar Heroes (Why Slavery? series)

Dollar Heroes (Why Slavery? series)

Notoriously cash-strapped, the government is selling its own people as bonded labour, or slaves, to work in Russia, China, and a dozen other countries around the world – including member states of the European Union. While in North Korea, they are lured with a promise of high wages and glory for their families. Once enrolled, they find themselves in very foreign countries. Here they work up to 12-hour days under harsh conditions for little pay. Their ‘wages’ are transferred directly to the government, who reallocate it as they see fit. Within the European Union, workers are supposed to be protected – we want to understand how this method of operation is legal, and what – if anything – is being done to stop it.

The Why Slavery? series:

Maid in Hell

Selling Children

US Prison Slaves

Yazidi Slaves

A Woman Captured

Directors Carl Gierstorfer & Sebastian Weis
Producers Won Jung Bae & Tristan Chytroschek
Duration 52 min.
Year of Production 2018