Dirty Waters

Discovering the dirty truth about the future of the Baltic Sea


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Dirty Waters

Dirty Waters

The second investigative documentary on the Baltic Sea environment. Algae blooming, dead sea beds ? the Baltic Sea is suffering. Slimy, disgusting algae have become a daily problem for holidaymakers along the Baltic shores.

Industrial emissions and untreated sewage water have suffocated the sea. This is common knowledge, and efforts have been made to deal with the problem. But things are about to take a turn for the worse.

Giant animal farms are emerging around the Baltic Sea. The EU has decided to make agriculture more efficient in Poland, and Russia is becoming a self-sufficient meat producer. Multinational food companies appear around the Baltic.

A large pig farm pollutes as much a small town but, in contrast, has no sewage treatment and thousands of farms are appearing in the region. The hunger for meat is turning the Baltic into a giant cesspool of animal waste. Agricultural and environmental policies are on a collision course.

Director and Producer Folke Rydén
Co-Director Ulrika Björkstén
Produced by Folke Rydén Production AB, In association with SVT, DR, NRK & YLE
Duration 52 min. or 58 min.
Year of Production 2011
Original Title Dirty Waters