Dinner With the President


In this programme the viewers are invited into the home of Pakistan’s President, Pervez Musharraf, for a discussion regarding democracy. Where is Pakistan headed in the future and what part does democracy play?

Dinner with the President

Dinner with the President

Dinner with the President_la rochelle Dinner with the president_Winner of the special Golden Link Award by EBU La Rochelle 2008

What are the implications for democracy in Pakistan when secular political parties have succumbed to the Islamic agenda? What does it mean when the army appears to be the only force able to contain the opponents of democracy, the armed Islamists? President Musharraf agrees to explore this apparent contradiction over dinner at his official residence, the Army House.

As the discussion moves in and out of the different worlds in Pakistan a complex tapestry emerges, revealing a society unique yet universal. The filmmaker talks to diverse individuals, from labourers to intellectuals, from street vendors to religious right wing political party members, and from journalists to industrialists.

What is their idea of democracy in Pakistan? What is their idea of President Musharraf’s vision of a modern Pakistan? Dinner With the President questions the role a military leader can play in guiding a state towards modern democracy.

This film is a part of the documentary series Why Democracy? – 10 Films from independent award-winning film-makers in China, India, Japan, Pakistan, Liberia, Egypt, Denmark, Russia, Bolivia and the USA.

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Directors Sabiha Sumar & Sachitanandam Sathananthan
Producer Sachitanandam Sathananthan
Produced by Steps International in cooperation with DR, SBS, RTBF, Canal Futura, CBC, Knowledge Network, HRT, Czech TV, ETV, YLE, ARTE, MDR, WDR, ZDF, ORF, ERT, MTV Hungary, PSBT, IBA, NHK, LTV, La Red, VPRO, NRK, RTP, TVP, TVR, RTVSLO, SABC, Canal + Spain, SVT, TSR/SSR, PTS, Al Arabiya, PBS & BBC
Duration 52 min.
Year of Production 2007
Original Title Dinner with the President