Diamond Dogs

When you cannot have children, you can always have dogs


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Diamond Dogs

Diamond Dogs

Dogs have always been considered man’s best friend. Man tamed the wolf, made them their hunting partner and gatekeeper – and ever since the dog has been ever more domesticated. Now ‘wolfi’ comes in all sorts of variations. Some are cuddly and some still resemblance the characteristics of its ancestor.

Dogs went from having a daily purpose to being more of a companion – hence the saying “man’s best friend”. Now, it seems like man’s best friend has become more than a friend.

‘Diamond Dogs’ follows three different dog owners in the city where the pet-obsession reaches an absolute climax; Los Angeles. Our dog owners come from different social backgrounds, but they are all alike concerning one thing: their unconditional love for their doggie.

All seems to substitute children with their dogs – and therefore, they treat them with the same amount of love that they would give to a child.

This documentary show how the line between parenthood and dog ownership is being blurred, as the question remains: Who is caring for whom? – when “man’s best friend” becomes your lovechild.

Director Mikael Ruttkay Hylin
Producer Magnus Kåberg & Mikael Ruttkay Hylin
Produced by M&I Film AB
Duration 53 min.
Year of Production 2011
Original Title Diamond Dogs