The Dannebrog - Cruising With the Royals


A fascinating film about the royal yacht – the Dannebrog – and the many experiences the Danish royal family has aboard the ship.


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The Dannebrog – Crusing With the Royals

The Dannebrog – Crusing With the Royals

This year the Dannebrog cele-brates her 75th anniversary as the Danish royal yacht. In this unique documentary Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and the crew describe life on board.

The maker of this documentary was able to sail on the yacht for most of the cruises she undertook last summer in a season which took the queen and her consort on a historic visit to Greece and the crown prince and princess on their first voyage with little Prince Christian. We accompany the royal family on its latest cruises in Dan-ish and other waters, and we also see unique private film footage portraying the lives of the royals on board the Dannebrog over the last three quarters of a century.

However, the Dannebrog does not only serve as the royal family’s floating palace and base on their numerous visits to Danish market towns, Greenland, the Faeroe Isles and the Mediterranean. She is also a place of work for thirty five new naval recruits every year, who un-dergo their training on board be-fore the vessel welcomes the royal family for the new season. It is quite an experience for the eight-een and nineteen year old lads: it involves hard work and great mo-ments too. We accompany Mason, Nybroe, Sparks and Chef while they “share” the royal yacht with the royal family on a lovely summer day of swimming in the Med and while they toil away polishing the notori-ous “stairs of hell”, whose many fine brass decorations testify to the age of the vessel and her Naval Wharf origins.

This programme allows the viewers to inspect the two very different worlds that exist aboard the yacht – but it also shows how these worlds come together in very heavy seas. A fascinating insight into life aboard a royal yacht.

Director Marcus Mandal
Producers Marcus Mandal & Mads Baastrup
Produced by DR
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2007
Original Title Kongeskibet