Conversations with My Aunt


A close and intimate glimpse into the life of an Alzheimer patient


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Conversations with my Aunt

Conversations with my Aunt

In 2005 the director received a phone call from her Aunt; she was lost in London on her way to the dentist and was in a state of panic. Shortly afterwards, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and then began her descent into the helplessness and hopelessness of the advanced Alzheimer’s patient.

Some events would trigger her memory and bring a partial version of her back to life, notably her response to music and to physical affection.

Shot over five days, Conversations with my Aunt is an intimate portrait of the director’s relationship with her Aunt. A relationship bound by the past struggling to survive the present as the effects of Alzheimer’s have transformed it into one of carer/patient.

Capturing the repetitious routines and unpredictable behaviour caused by Alzheimer’s, the film gives a sense of the ever-changing continuum of the disease.

Director Janis Pugh
Producer Samantha Zarzosa
Produced by Crooked Finger Productions
Duration 56 min.
Year of Production 2012
Original Title Conversations with my Aunt