Comedy on the Edge

6 episodes
30 min.

A comedian turns run-down towns’ reputations around, using the common language of laughter to bring out their better side.


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Comedy on the Edge

Comedy on the Edge


All over the world small towns are suffering. As industries close, unemployment and social problems rise and young people leave. Comedy on the Edge is a factual entertainment comedy programme that sets out to challenge these gloomy prospects, bringing a sense of humour and self-irony to the debate about the stigmatisation of the outskirts.

Over 48 hours, the host joins in local customs, discovers the unique trades, sees secret beautiful sights and discovers the town’s own creative outlets. At the end of those two days, in front of an audience of residents, he delivers a stand-up routine based on everything he has seen and experienced, to bring back the locals’ sense of humour about themselves and give the viewers a new perspective on a small community.

Comedy on the Edge aims to facilitate integration and cross-geographical understanding in a very entertaining way.


Genre Comedy
Creator Jan Gintberg
Broadcaster DR1
Duration 5 seasons: 6 x 30 min.
Year of Production 2013-2015
Original Title Gintberg på Kanten