Eight short films on climate by eight young directors.



Eight unique and thought provoking short films on climate change. Overuse, inadequate transport and bioethanol from the rainforest. While world leaders are planning for the future of the planet, eight young directors ponder over issues that affect global warming. The films take a closer look at some of the climate problems the world faces today; problems politicians and policy makers around the world will have to relate to.

Like: when a fish is landed in Esbjerg only to be shipped to China to be filleted. And then shipped to central France to be prepared for frying, and finally eaten as fish fingers in Denmark by the fisherman, who caught it.

The eight films, each 3-5 minutes, all present different approaches to global warming:

  • A Fish Long Journey questions the global transportation of goods.
  • Adam and Eve Two young persons are confronted by their own over consumption
  • Tracking down the Electric Car examines why the electric car has not replaced the traditional car long ago.
  • Behind the Green Gasoline chases the story of bioethanol and its affect on the rainforest.
  • Traveling Circus is a satire on the monthly shuttle by EU parlamentarians between Bruxelles and Strassbourg, a tremendously wasteful exercise.
  • One Green Step takes us around in a Sci-Fi world: Why haven’t we already taken advantage of known technologies to reduce global warming.
  • 100 years of Warming takes us on a historical journey and shows us how warnings on climate change already were given 100 years ago.
  • Weather Man is a meeting with the old farmer, who has measured and recorded the weather all his life.

See three of the films here:

Directors Christoffer Dreyer, Camilla Magid, Adam Rieper, Julie Bezerra Madsen, Fenar Ahmed, Eirik Stordahl, Nynne Standrup & Anders Jepsen
Producers Mette Mailand & Jakob Gottschau
Produced by Express TV-Produktion
Duration 8 x 3-5 min.
Year of Production 2009
Original Title Climaniacs