Claus Meyer's Manhattan Food Adventure


Putting everything at risk in New York


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Claus Meyer’s Manhattan Food Adventure

Claus Meyer’s Manhattan Food Adventure

Claus Meyer is the founder of the world renown NOMA restaurant and one of the creators and pioneers of the New Nordic Cuisine, which has taken the world by storm. For decades, he has been fascinated with the idea of inventing a new culinary language.

After selling his Nordic food empire in Denmark for an eight-figure sum, he is now taking on a new food adventure in New York. In one of America’s finest buildings, Grand Central Terminal, Meyer wants to start a top restaurant and enormous food hall. Here in Manhattan, Meyer will be attempting to conquer one of the world’s great food Meccas, well knowing that NY food critics are merciless if those gastronomic expectations aren’t fulfilled.

The project is enormous and seems extremely complex. A huge food hall and restaurant must be established – all within an old building, which comes along with a lot of restrictions. At the same time, the project that Meyer has in mind involves a massive financial commitment, and it all must be ready in six months! As it turns out, this might not happen: Claus Meyer is facing enormous pressure; a myriad of problems repeatedly delay the project, and they have exceeded the budget many times.

Presenter Keld Klüwer
Producers Hanne Pedersen & Dorte Palle Jørgensen
Produced by DR in association with SVT, YLE & RUV
Duration 55 min.
Year of Production 2017
Original Title Meyers madeventyr på Manhattan