Christmas Stars

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A Christmas Calendar for the whole family


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Christmas Stars

Christmas Stars

The leading characters of Christmas Stars are three children, Sus, Bob and Tom, who is a bit younger than the others. The action starts when Sus reluctantly ends up in Brorfelde, a village deep in the country, because her mum and dad have inherited a poinsettia nursery (The Danish for “poinsettia” translates literally as “Christmas star”).

Sus soon finds a friend in star-crazy Bob, a boy of her own age whose mother disappeared without trace seven years ago while she was out star-gazing. Bob spends all his time sneaking into the Brorfelde observatory to study stars. The trio is completed by Tom, a rascal who is convinced that pixies are vampires.

One day Bob discovers a new star in the sky and when three mysterious astronomers with an overweening interest in the new star suddenly put in an appearance, the plot really takes off. In Christmas Stars we meet a gallery of colourful personalities in addition to the three leads, including Bob’s former rock star dad, Big J, who is struggling to pay the bills at the rarely hired village hall while he tries to put on a Christmas musical.

Let the Christmas fun begin!

Directors Michael Wikke & Steen Rasmussen
Producer Sven Clausen
Produced by DR in corporation with SVT & NRK
Duration 25 x 25 min.
Year of Production 2012
Original Title Julestjerner