The Chosen 7


A thrilling series in 12 episodes about seven young people who move into a seemingly charming apartment – yet soon inexplicable occurences start taking place, colouring the air dark with eerieness.


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The Chosen 7

The Chosen 7

On their first evening together the residents decide to have a house-warming party, and spirits are high. When Tor comes home with champagne and caviar the temperature rises even higher. But the party ends in disaster, and the next day it is obvious that for all the residents, life will never be the same again.

On the face of it they have been thrown together at random, but it soon dawns on them that there is a very special reason for their coming together in this apartment – and that they share a past that none of them had any idea about.

That evil moved into the apart-ment long ago is something none of them suspect until it’s too late, because on the surface everything seems quite idyllic as the new residents move in. But the first weird signs have already appeared – there are inexplicable noises and a strange sea-like odour.

Rikke and Bo are also wondering what the room behind the locked door conceals – a door the mysterious janitor, F. Andersen, tells them they must not open. Just who is the person the janitor forces them to accept as the eighth resident, anyway? And where does he obtain all his information on the flat-sharers, seeing as they haven’t breathed a word to him about any of it?

Eeriness oozes from the yellowing walls of the vast, dingy apartment seven young adults move into on a communal basis, starting with Rikke who wants to live with her boyfriend, Bo: when they are offered the dilapidated warren of a place they decide to let some of the rooms to pay for the neces-sary repairs and maintenance.

Rikke and Bo are quite sure they’ve struck it lucky, and happily they start choosing five people to share the place with. There are plenty of applicants – and they end up choosing Salim, Gry, Tor, Regitze and Eric.

Directors Kenneth Kainz, Henrik Ruben Ganz & Jannik Johansen
Producer Michael Bille Frandsen
Produced by DR
Duration 12 x 40 min.
Year of Production 2001
Original Title De Udvalgte