Chips and liver girls

Sex, sugar daddies and modern love in Kampala, Uganda. Some girls in Kampala don’t want to get married; instead they go out with men who can pay them money for sex and their company.


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Chips and liver girls

Chips and liver girls

In Kampala, this is not seen as prostitution but as a way to climb the social ladder, and a way to obtain a comfortable and modern lifestyle. It is called ‘transactional sex’, and is common in East Africa.

Sonia is a young actress. She takes full advantage of the new times and the sugar daddies whom surrounds her and are seeking her company. One older man who wants to spend time with Sonia is a minister in the government. He calls himself “honorable” while she refers to him as “ATM” (cash machine). It however takes an effort to keep the balance between privacy and the demanding sugar daddies.

“Chips and Liver Girls” refers to the preferable junk food eaten by the modern girls of Uganda.

Directors Boris Bertram & Karoline Kamya
Producer Emil Bernild Ferslev
Produced by Dead People's Choice Film & Ivad Production
Duration 29 min.
Year of Production 2010
Original Title Chips and Liver Girls