The Child Soldier's New Job


It is a well-known fact that private military companies are becoming significant players in conflicts around the world, supplying not merely the goods but also the services of war.


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The Child Soldier’s New Job

The Child Soldier’s New Job

This film reveals how private military companies hire the cheapest possible soldiers and labour. In armed conflicts large parts of both the logistics and the actual combatants have been outsourced to private companies who want to maximize profit. As a result cheap labour is hired from the poorest parts of the world. The gravest example of which is the employment of former child soldiers.

The US Department of Defence have engaged in an almost 300 million $ deal with the private military company Aegis (until recently run by former mercenary Tim Spicer) to execute operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Aegis now hires former child soldiers from Sierra Leone and Uganda despite a code of conduct that have been formulated for the industry. The film focuses on how the industry works and the ethical and political implications of the privatization of war, in large part told by the former child soldiers themselves

Director Mads Ellesøe
Producer Mette Heide
Produced by Plus Pictures for DR TV in association with SVT, YLE, VPRO, CH8, WDR/ARTE, SRF & ERR
Duration Feature & 1 hour
Year of Production 2016
Original Title Børnesoldatens Nye Job