Chasing the Rabbit


The award-winning Danish nature photographer, Morten Hilmer, chases the perfect photograph on his quest for inner peace.


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Chasing the Rabbit

Chasing the Rabbit

Chasing the Rabbit – an arctic adventure following the pursuit of the perfect photograph.

The award-winning Danish nature photographer and former member of Sirius Dog Sled Patrol, Morten Hilmer, embarks on a photo expedition in the Thule area in the northernmost part of Greenland. Morten seeks photographs of nature, animals and people to complete his ambitious photo book, and provide a framework for his many photo expeditions in Greenland.

The Thule area is located in the High Arctic – an inaccessible ice-dessert. Here lies the most northern settlement in the world, and the last bastion for an almost extinct hunter culture. Morten has just one month to ‘road-trip’ with local hunters by dog sled through the ice-dessert. If Morten is to survive and complete his mission in these harsh surrundings, he needs to understand the higher powers of nature – and he needs to find peace of mind before he can capture the perfect photograph.

Morten is inspired by the local hunters refined ability to survive in nature. He is challenged by withnessing their vital and often violent hunting. The unstable weather and the substantial climate change makes Morten’s journey a difficult one. But his collaboration with the hunters and a chance meeting with his former Sirius Dog Sled Patrol comrades means that Morten may succeed in reaching his ultimate goal.

Director Paolo Impagliazzo
Producer Paolo Impagliazzo
Produced by Paolo Impagliazzo for DR
Duration 53 minutes
Year of Production 2017
Original Title Chasing the white rabbit