Chasing Success


Across the world men participate in courses to get success and become better at seducing women


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Chasing Success

Chasing Success

At the Speed Up Life Academy Simon and Rune hope they will learn this in four months.

Simon and Rune are 20 years old and from the countryside. They live a fairly ordinary life – are good looking guys, but young and insecure – and want more from life. They want success, money, passion, hot babes and wealth – and at once. However during the course it becomes obvious to some of the participants that this might be too easy a short cut to success.

Speed Up Life Academy is run by the charismatic 22 years old Neil. He’s inspired by the American book The Game that describes men’s systematic use of various seducing techniques.

Chasing Success is a film about masculinity and the focus on success and individual development.

Director Anders Gustafsson
Producer Mette Heide
Produced by Plus Pictures
Duration 40 min.
Original Title Chasing Succes
Year of Production 2012