Building Happiness


For the past 100 years, Scandinavian countries have succeeded in creating a society built on solidarity, peace and tolerance — and are always topping the World Happiness Report. But are things about to change?


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Building Happiness

Building Happiness

Denmark, Sweden and Norway have crafted unique societies built on mutual trust with a strong sense of community that serves as their foundation.

But peace, tolerance and democracy are not always easy to maintain We’re living in times of change; old norms and values are constantly being re-evaluated. Have the Scandinavians been taking things for granted? Must they tear everything down before they can start building it up again?

Featuring celebrities like actress Connie Nielsen, football icon Michael Laudrup (FC Barcelona, Real Madrid), actress/director Pernilla August, chef of the four-times Best Restaurant in the World, NOMA, Rene Redzepi, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, “The Killing” star Sofie Gråbøl, the world-renowned BIG architect Bjarke Ingels and more. Their personal experiences and reflections are put into perspective unveiling the latest research on happiness and connecting the findings of science with stories from famous culture icons.

Director Jesper Skaaning
Producer DR Kunst og Kultur, Thomas Hedemann
Produced by DR
Release 2019