Bonnie and the Thousand Men


58 min.

A life of prostitution. Bonnie was 18 when she began working as a prostitute. After her first client she cried endlessly, but a few days later it became easier, and she could use the money for a vacation to the Caribbean.



Today, twenty years later, Bonnie still works as a prostitute. She is proud of her job, she works hard, and the men are waiting in line in their cars outside the brothel. But Bonnie is sick, and her body is weak. She knows that her job is wearing her out. Still, she continues her self-destructive course – she cannot stop. Bonnie and the Thousand Men is an extreme close and an honest portrait of the very hard and vulnerable life working as a prostitute for more than 2 decades – a life that is only bearable with the strong support of family and friends and where the dream of a new beginning is never far away.

  • Director

    Mette Korsgaard

  • Producer

    Malene Flindt Pedersen

  • Produced by

    Hansen & Pedersen film & Fjernsyn in collaboration with Kragefilm for DR TV

  • Original title

    Bonnie og de Tusind Mænd

  • Format

    58 min.

  • Release