Body Language

You can’t read another person’s thougts, but if you learn to understand body language, you have come a long way!


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Body Language

Body Language

We all strive to be unique, but when it comes to body language, we alle look alike. Your body will unveil what you really think, and you do not need to open your mouth to express your feelings. In Body Language, an acretss and a body language expert will go through and analyze different everyday situations, where the body expresses far more that you might be aware of.


We learn how the body reacts when we are under pressure, when we are in exciting or awkward situations. The conversation of the two hosts is based on a video that shows the situation. With a stop/play and graphic effects, they show the micro signals, that you wouldn’t notice unless you are a professional. If you can read these signals, you will have a huge advantage when it comes to understanding the people around you.

Some of the situations that the hosts go through are:

  • On a date
  • During workout
  • At a party
  • When performing on a stage
  • At work
  • A girls night out
  • A boys night out
Created & Produced by DR
Broadcasted by DR 3
Duration 8 x 20 min
Original Title Taler du Kropssprog?