Blissful Ignorance

3 episodes
43 min.

In a healthcare system obsessed with preventive medicine and cancer screenings, this documentary asks the question: are we making people sick in our pursuit of health?


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Blissful Ignorance

Blissful Ignorance

Every year millions of people all over the Western world follow the advice of health authorities and get screened for various forms of cancer and take preventive medicine for cardiovascular disease. If we haven’t tried it ourselves, we have a family member or a friend who has. We get the examination to prevent disease later in life by the motto “better safe than sorry”. But is it really that simple?

This TV-concept is designed to give a broad audience insight into and inspire debate about a complex but important part of modern society: Our health system and how it works. While most people at first agree that we should try to save as many lives as possible, the consensus seems to disappear when people realize that every time one person is saved from cancer or cardiovascular disease, unavoidably many more are overdiagnosed suffering the consequences of unnecessary treatment that in itself can cause serious illness, invalidation and even death. We are making people sick in the pursuit of health.

To the cast and audience, the numbers are often shocking and eye-opening, as the facts are presented by medical experts throughout the program and the dilemmas only intensify, as the cast themselves must decide whether they want a preventive examination of their blood pressure, cholesterol or risk of cancer.

Genre Factual Entertainment
Creator Thomas Lemke
Broadcaster DR
Duration 3 x 43 minutes
Year of Production 2016
Original Title Sygdom søges