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BLACKHEARTS follows three diehard black metal fans from Colombia, Iran and Greece as they risk their lives, get thrown in jail, and sell their soul to Satan, all for a chance to bring their bands to the birthplace of the music they love — Norway.


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25 years ago, a new and more extreme subgenre merged with Satanic imagery grew from the roots of heavy metal. Dubbed black metal, it got worldwide attention through a series of church burnings and murders in Norway in the early 90s. Fast-forward to Norway today, the genre has left behind its criminal past.

The music is as benign as any other, but for international fans, Norway maintains its aura of infamy – attracting thousands of black metal fans from around the world on a pilgrimage to the birthplace of their beloved black metal.

BLACKHEARTS is not a traditional music documentary about this genre, but instead dives into the lives of its characters: black metal fans from vastly different cultures. Sina from Iran, Héctor from Colombia, and Kaiadas from Greece all jump at the opportunity to play at a metal festival in Norway. Three very different personal stories unfold as we meet them in their countries and follow them on their journey to pursue their radical passion for the black metal music and lifestyle.

Directors Frederik Horn Akselsen & Christian Falch
Producer Christian Falch
Produced by Gammaglimt AS for VG TV, DR TV & YesDocu
Duration 83 min. & 52 min.
Year of Production 2016